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Who Are We?

Pumping And Shoring Solutions, LLC is the leading innovator when it comes to pumping rental. For construction professionals who need a heavy-duty pump for dewatering or sewage services; all of our rental lines include high-quality models with power ranges between 2 inches up to 18". Pumping and Shoring Solutions rents an entire line in areas such as the agricultural industry, Industrial market and have been for over 25 years! 

Our Services

We offer both Rentals and Sales to fits your industry needs.


We will offer free consultations for all pump rentals to ensure you get exactly what you need for your industries.


Heavy-equipment pumping for the entire line that covers Trash Pumps, Wellpoint, Hydraulic Submersible, and Solid Handlings Pumps


Efficiency Productions in Trench Boxes, Slide Rail Systems, Manhole Shields, Hydraulic Trench Shoring, Excavation Support Equipments.

Our Trusted Products

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Effociency Production - Certified Dealer
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